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Our advanced predictive models are fully transparent and customizable to your business needs, providing you with actionable predictive scores. You can rank each customer based on their likelihood to perform a desired action or identify your customers who are likely to churn

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We offer you a broad range of compatible technologies and you can choose among them according to your established databases, tools and technologies


You own your own data. We don't transfer your data into our platforms because we believe Your Data is Your Value Our AI solution is compatible to work seamlessly on your platforms, therefore you keep your data on your platforms.



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Transform Your Business Faster Using Predictive Analytics

Use Funnel Innovation predictive segmentation to identify customers’ likelihood to engage, purchase or churn

  • Actionable Predictive Score
  • Dynamically Updated Segments
  • Customizable & Transparent Outcome.

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Predicting the users’ needs and behavior is the most important step in creating value for them. User segmentation according to predicted user behavior will enable customized marketing, which will result in increased revenue. Then advanced segmentation of customers is necessary to get the most out of the marketing investments. Finally predicting user behavior is enabled by Funnel Innovation using AI. To start leveraging this advanced solution get in touch with us and have competitive advantage.


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